December 7, 2023

I’m home and recovering following my breast reduction on December 5. So many people gave me advice and tips. Happy to pay it forward for anyone considering elective surgery to better your future! There is a lot I wish I’d known going in.

In sum of my general feeling though: Goodbye H cup (I won’t miss you)! I’ve been well over a DD (and growing) since I was about 15, so I can’t wait to run and move without it resulting headaches for hours, throbbing muscles, itchy skin, and red indents cut down my shoulders.

In addition to my reduction they also addressed some scar tissue on a permanently damaged part of my glute resulting in shifted fat cells. I fell down a flight of stairs a few years back and messed myself up pretty good. In sum, I had two lumps of damaged fat that hurt when I ran or jumped, and they liposuctioned it all away.

It all hurts very, very (very) much right now, but I’m optimistic it was the right call to have it all done.

My doctor is Perry Johnson at UNMC and Village Pointe Surgery. The office has been so helpful through working with my insurance and supporting me.

December 29, 2022

Is this a bathroom mirror selfie? Yes (and not sorry), but it’s more than that. I’ve loved this sweater for years, but maybe wore it once, as my chest size made it hard to wear.

Of course I didn’t get a breast reduction so I could wear one sweater, but as I experience the last few weeks of recovery, and really start moving into my life post surgery, it’s a representation of new experiences, new joy, new movement and more.

I’m learning that reconstructive surgery is a lengthy process and it’ll really be months before I fully know exactly how my body will feel but already being able to just throw something on and feel comfortable is a cool new reality.