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speaking2018nov2In Short: executive director of technology, security, and space law initiatives for Nebraska Law, lawyer with a background in cyber law (crime, security, policy) and current focus into national security and space issues, research development is my jam, two wonderful humans call me mom, reader of fantasy, scifi, and graphic novels, married to a concert and event caterer who has cooked for Paul McCartney, but I was more excited about Cher (and maybe Bruno Mars), not sorry about the name drops.

Long Form: Elsbeth Magilton is the Executive Director for Technology, Security, and Space Law Initiatives for the University of Nebraska College of Law where she oversees multiple programs and developing initiatives. Her current focus areas include space law and policy, cybersecurity, and national security. Elsbeth is the law college’s principal researcher for projects serving the U.S. Strategic Command’s University Affiliated Research Center – the only such center in the Depart of Defense to include a law school in their research partnerships.

Elsbeth is admitted to practice law in the state of Nebraska and is member of the Nebraska Bar Association and the American Bar Association, including the ABA Air and Space Section. Elsbeth is a member of the American Society of International Law and serves at the Co-Chair for the Space Law Interest Group.

Annually she meets with the U.S. State Department Visiting Leaders Program, focused on Women in STEM, Cybersecurity, and National Security. She is a member of the Legal Export Pool for the European Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats.

In September 2018 Elsbeth and the program’s founding faculty member and Co-Director Matt Schaefer received a $250,000 NASA Space Law pilot-program grant to create a nationwide network of students, faculty, and practitioners interested in space law and policy.

Elsbeth received her B.A., cum laude, from Doane University in 2008. After starting her career in web development, Elsbeth shifted into technology policy during law school. She earned her J.D. from the University of Nebraska College of Law and received a concentration in Cyberlaw. During law school Elsbeth also attended the William and Mary College of Law, working with the Center for Legal and Court Technology.

In her free time Elsbeth enjoys being a mother of two, reading, and renovating her 1920’s Craftsman style home.

She is married to a concert and event caterer who has fed musicians and athletes around the state and beyond.

If you or your group is seeking a speaker on space, cyber, or telecommunications law, Women in STEM, or any related topic you can learn more about my speaking history on my CV.

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